VAGPWR is about body positivity!
We are all different!
VAGPWR is short for Vagina Power. Our goal is to break down taboos and bring forward a fresh healthy perspective in the discussion about the “ideal body” - Centered around diversity.
VAGPWR uses cheeky and playful illustrations to promote the diversity we find in different bodies. We are all different but equal. We believe that the pressure that we are exposed to concerning our own bodies is unnecessary. Every body is unique, beautiful and lovable. It is our differences that make us special.
VAGPWR started as an idea for a master thesis, but quickly developed into the brand that you see today. In 2019 we decided to focus fully on VAGPWR as a brand and be part of bringing forward a new way to talk about our bodies. The project was created by illustrator Emilie Becker, who currently run VAGPWR alongside “Vag Chief” Petter Tvedt. Together we look forward to promoting love for diversity.
VAGPWRs main message is embodied in the phrase “We are all different”, which today is expressed with sale of illustrations printed as posters, and on all types of clothing such as hats, T-shirts and tote bags. Please check out our shop https://vagpwr.com or Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/vagpwrbybecker to check out our design.
If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@vagpwr.com
PS: Thank you for helping us spread the message - We are all different.
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