100 Faces

100 Faces

New personal project. 

Emilie wants to draw 100 different faces, to show the diversity in humans. Every one that participates have to write down a compliment to them self. Emilie want people to appreciate them selv more and not bring them self down.


Face number 1.

27 years old from Løten, Norway.

«I know this is some pure Dr. Phil shit, but I’ve always been a big believer in the whole «being your own best friend» thing, and I’ve always appreciated that about myself. I truly believe that having the ability to give yourself a few kind words on a daily basis is key to a balanced mind, heart and body»

Face number 2.

27 years old from Sogndal, Norway.

"I'm good at smiling“


Face number 3.

23 years old from Tromsø, Norway. 

"I am a strong and proud indigenous woman (Sjøsame)."

Face number 4.

39 years old from Norway

"The things I like make me stand out. For example my clothes. At the same time I can be stressed when I am the one who is different. But I choose to stand out when I want to. That is something that I am proud of."

Face number 5.
44 years old from Skien Norway
«I try to be a kind person. To be a good mom. To be a good friend and colleague. I hope I have been  successful. Now I’m working on being kind to myself aswell»
Face number 6.
31 years old from Bømlo, Norway
"I am strong, good enough and I can do what I want!"
Face number 7.
Age: 24
From: Kongsvinger, Norway.

"I work hard for what I am passionate about, believing that I can achieve anything I want to if it truely makes me happy at the same time. If things are done with love, I think it shines through the result; being my music, food, a party or a painting." 
Face number 8

Age: 25
From: Australia

"I never disliked my face. It's simple, quite symmetrical. It fulfills all the purposes that a face should."
Face number 9.

Age: 25
From: Tromsø, Norway

"I never give up, even how heavy it is, so I always carry on. always."
Face number 10.

Age: 24
From: Southern Norway

"I love my freckles that I have on my entire body"
Face number 11
Age: 22
From:  Eidsvoll, Norway
"I’m good at making people smile"
Face number 12
Age: 26
From: Trondheim, Norway
"I'm playful - a good trait to have for a kindergarten teacher:)"
Face number 13.

Age: 49
From: Manchester, England
"I have nice eyes."
Face number 14

Age: 24
From: Oslo

"I smile as much as I can! One of the most beautiful things I know is to make people smile and smile by people who smile."
Face number 15

Age: 20
From: Bergen, Norway

"I think the best accessory is a smile and confidence. Unbeatable combo!"
Face number 16

Age: 23
From: Oslo

"I am a creative and solution oriented person"
Face number 17

Age: 27
From: Tromsø, Norway

"I practice to becoming my own best supporter. I deserve that."
Face number 18

Age: 25
From: Sveio, Norway

"I have become really fond of my smile and and feel it really light up my face."
Face number 19

Age: 26
From: Hamar, Norway

"Learn to love yourself before loving someone else. I start by loving my freckles .."
Face number 20

Age 22
From Bergen/Tønsberg, Norway

"I never give up"
Face number 21
Age 35
From Hardanger, Norway

"I like the mole on my cheek and my smile :) the mole gets progressively bigger and needs a check occasionally. The mold I see as pretty, can in the future be something scary. So the most important thing is that my body is healthy and functioning properly."
Face number 22

Age 24
From Cleveland, Ohio

"I’m a new graduate starting my nursing career in the middle of a pandemic and I have not given up, nor have I cracked under the pressure. My ability to persevere is insurmountable."
Face number 23

Age: 22
From: Norway - originally from Kurdistan, Northern Iraq

"I like my friends, I'm good at picking out friends"


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  • Maria

    I love this. It’s a beautiful project you make, there the people can tell the good they have. Hope I will see more of this.

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