100 Boobies

A year ago ( 7.Desember 2018 ), Emilie asked her followers on Instagram if they could send her pictures of their tits. Emilie wanted to draw a hundred tits, to show that we are all different. Fortunately there were many who would participate in the project and Emilie got over 130 tits that she could draw. Here are some of the tits and quotes from the ladies who participated.


Boobies nr. 1

"The first picture is the way I wish they looked purely aesthetic, picture two is the way they are. Have always thought it was a little stupid that they are point down but I am very happy to have a healthy body that works. And my breasts are just mine, and perfect for my body ❤️ I am passionate for young people to see the diversity in the body and that everything is normal.

Boobies nr. 2

"Have become quite fond of my tits. Like that they are there and that they can be free and nice :))"

Boobies nr. 3

Boobies nr. 4

"I've found that I've never really studied my own tits. So, I was surprised, a little sorry and a bit so strangely prepared that "yes, that's just the way they are".

Boobies nr. 21

"This is my titt, I miss the other one. But the scar means I'm alive and it's very nice. I do not like to use a prosthesis, it becomes a bit strange, so I practice going straight back with only one tits. And remind me that I'm alive :) »


Boobies nr. 23

I used to think that my breasts were too small and that I wasn't really a woman. Now I know better. Now I'm so happy for them!


Boobies nr. 28

"I grew boobs when I was quite young, and they grew big very fast. I got teased by other girls for not wearing a bra yet. After that I pushed them into bras and wore those uncomfortable things for years. Maybe a year ago I stopped wearing regular bras. My boobs are big, saggy and heavy - a lot to lift up for a little bra! Now I go without or with softer ones when I work, and people do like to stare because apparently, a woman with big saggy tits can not go without a bra? It's a part of my body I still work hard with to accept and like, some days are easier than others, but this is my boobies. They sag but they are a part of me."

Boobies nr. 29

"It's not always easy to love your body when the wold sets limits on what's perfect or not! So set your own standard of what you like and love. We all have different views of what we think is pretty. ."


Boobies nr. 47

"Yes, so these are my tits! They are slightly hung, have large and soft nipples with slightly visible blood vessels. They may not be the roundest, firmest or prettiest tits, but they are mine. My soft, good and hot tits. <3"


More boobs are coming soon <3

 (If you want your boobies drawn, send Emilie an email to get price and time emilie@vagpwr.com)






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